Pre-departure checklist

Before you leave home

1. Return your Offer Acceptance Form
2. Prepare your passport
3. Fulfill visa application process, get your visa
4. Organize travel insurance
5. Return your Arrival Service Form
6. Organize your accommodation

Important documents in hand luggage

1. Letter of offer from Hong Bang International University
2. Passport
3. Other formal identification
4. International driver’s license or driver’s license from your home country


If you are currently living in your home country and have already enrolled to study at Hong Bang International University, this section is for you.

In order to apply as a new or continuing student, you will need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies or Offer Letter, which is issued by the Hong Bang International University.

  • If HIU will apply for your visa, you will require to provide supporting documents via email by scanned files:
    • A copy of your passport
    • Visa Application form for International Students
    • Letter of offer from Hong Bang International University
    • Receipt of tuition fee payment for Hong Bang International University.

Hong Bang International University will send you the soft copy of the visa pre-approved document provided by the Vietnamese Immigration Department (the process with the Immigration may take up to 15 days). Then, you collect your visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in your home country and pay the visa fee.

If you use the agency for applying for your visa, HIU will provide you an Offer Letter.

The fee of visa

  • 35 USD for a 3-month single entry visa
  • 60 USD for 3 months multiple entries
  • 105 USD from 3-6 month multiple entries
  • 145 USD from 6 months to one year multiple entries

Visa extension:

For the extension of your visa, you can only apply for 20 days before it expires.

Important notes:

  • International students must have a student visa and comply with the visa conditions to study at Hong Bang International University.
  • If you are on a different type of visa, you may be required to leave Vietnam in order to apply for a student visa. Hong Bang International University is not responsible for and cannot guarantee the outcome of any visa application.
  • Before entering Vietnam, you need to have international health insurance.

If you have any queries, please contact

What to pack?


» Summer clothes
» Sunglasses
» Pair of sandals, walking shoes

Medical supplies

» Tube of sunscreen
» A mosquito and insect repellent
» Band-Aid


Although it’s quite easy to buy adaptors for most countries in Vietnam, it will be more convenient for you to bring at least one from your home country, so that you can charge or use any important devices you need when you first arrive. It’s also worth considering a small UPS box (Uninterrupted Power Supply device), to avoid Vietnam’s occasional power surges damaging your electronic equipment.

» 220Volts 50Hertz.
» Power Outlet: Mostly 2 pronged plugs.
» You may want to get a combination voltage converter and plug adapter.
» Power outages can occur depending upon the area you are in. Accommodation with backup generator power is recommended.

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