HIU Clubs

 Club guidance

Club establishment

Download and fulfill the Plan template
Club need to download and fulfill the Plan template

Club's advisor comment

Presenting the club's proposal

Activities Organizing

Download and fulfill the Plan template
Clubs need to download and fulfill the Plan template

Date of plan's submission
The final version of plan should have the comment of club's advisor and submit to HSC at lease 04 weeks from the date of organizing the event. The plan may not be approved if the club submits later than the time

Plan submission
Club access the link to submit the plan

Reward for activities

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STT MSBM  Tên biểu mẫu Tải về
1 CLB-BM01 Kế hoạch tổ chức sự kiện

2 CLB-BM02 Phiếu đề nghị mượn phòng (đột xuất)

3 CLB-BM03 Phiếu đề nghị sử dụng hội trường

4 CLB-BM04 Phiếu đề nghị đặt bàn tại sảnh (đột xuất)

5 CLB-BM05 Bảng kê chứng từ thanh toán

6 CLB-BM06 Tờ trình đề nghị cấp ngày CTXH, Điểm rèn luyện

7 CLB-BM07 Phiếu đề nghị thành lập mới CLB

8 CLB-BM08 Hợp đồng thuê khoán

9 CLB-BM09
10 CLB-BM10


HIU Student Center

📍 Floor 3, Room 2.4- Ship of Knowledge building, 215 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 15, District Binh Thanh, HCMC

📍 Office 1- Zone G,120 Hoa Binh, Ward Hoa Thanh, District Tan Phu, HCMC

🌐 hiu.vn/studentcenter

💌 hiu.studentcenter@hiu.vn

 Hotline for Clubs

📍 Hotline: 0916888034

☎️  215 Điện Biên Phủ: 0287.3083.456 (ext: 3403)

☎️  120 Hoà Bình: 0287.3083.456 (ext: 3842)

Các Câu lạc bộ tại HIU

HIU Acoustic
The Club provides you with how to play instruments (guitar, organ, piano, flute, ukulele, violin, monica), upgrade your performance skills and musical knowledge.
HIU Badminton
The Club is for those who want to train their physical strength and to participate in badminton competitions. Students who join HIU Badminton are trained and improved their badminton skills.
Founded in October 2020 and after 1 year, many students from various majors came to the Club. HIUEve is a place for those who have a passion for organizing events.
HIU Fashion
Debuted on July 10th, 2020 HIU Fashion is a place for those who love fashion, catwalk, and desire to conquer big fashion shows.
Happy Feet
This is a place for students who love all kinds of dancing, especially Hip-hop. Come with us, you will be able to practice and perform at HIU events.
HIU Football Club
A place for students who share the same passion for football. By joining HIU School-level Football Club, you have a chance to train and upgrade skills, meet new friends, and exchange experiences.
A Faculty-level Football Club where students share their passions in football.
HIU Heart
As a charity club, we organize fundraising campaigns and implement volunteer projects aimed at orphans, elderly people who don't have family or home.
HIU Multimedia
Students can share expertise in media fields with the main expertise such as events, content, production( including filming, photography, editing, design...)
KIZUNA is a Japanese language club, organized by students from Japanese Studies in September 2019. We want to bring a playground for those who have a passion for the Japanese language and culture.
HIU Open Arms
The Club was established in November 2020 and less than a year, HIU Open Arms has visited many places and done meaningful works by sharing our love with those in need.
HIU Photo Fos
The Club is for students who love photography and want to share their skills.
The Club is for students who want to train their physical strength and participate in basketball competitions. Come with us, you will be able to practice and upgrade basketball skills.
HIU Taekwondo
A place for those who share the same passion for Taekwondo. Students will be able to provide defense skills, physical training, the club is also a meeting place for HIU students.
HIUTalk is an English club where members are trained in basic English like vocabulary, grammar to be confident in using English for daily conversation.
HIU Tutor
The Club was established on October 16th, 2020. This is a place for students who like to become "tutors" to help other students.
HIU Elderstalk
Founded in 2019, Elderstalk club was founded by students studying English Language, aiming to create a playground for English enthusiasts to hone their skills and level up together.
HIU Laws
The club, established on September 11, 2019, is a playground not only for law students but also a meeting place for many young people in HIU who like to learn about the Law.
HIU The Insight
The Insight Club was established by international relations students in 2019, the club has successfully organized many events, created a playground for members to participate in many activities, hone their skills and learn more useful knowledge.
HIU Ja:rea
HIU JA:REA is a Korean-Japanese cultural club founded by the Faculty of Maxillofacial Dentistry to create a playground for you to love Kimchi and Cherry Blossoms to gather together to learn the culture, language as well as Korea and Japan.
HIU Startup Vietnamese Students
HIU Startup Vietnamese Students Club (HSVS) was established in 2021. The club's goal is to build a startup ecosystem and nurture a dynamic, confident, creative and fully developed young knowledge community.
Established in 2008 after 13 years, HIUzik has built an image of students at Hong Bang International University dynamic and multi-talented.
HIU Futsal
HIU Futsal is a club for those who are passionate about indoor football, this place has become a shared house for students to practice together and bond.
Launched on February 29, 2016, the club is a meeting place for you who share your passion for e-sports, a community built on the spirit of Solidarity - Striving - Development; Experience the games together, enjoy the joy of winning together.
HIU Volleyball
Coming to HIU Volleyball, students will be able to practice, compete in a methodical way and improve their technique. This promises to be a place for students to have valuable experiences during their student days.
HIU DIC is a General Dental Club founded by students of the Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology on December 21, 2019, helping each other in learning through the following activities: Sharing specialized textbooks, seminars of Faculty, specialized talk show.
HIU Women Football
HIU Women Football Club is a playground for girls who are passionate about the ball. No discrimination, if you are passionate about football, this is the place for you.
HIU IEC was founded by students of the Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology in 2019, the club is a playground for English enthusiasts, especially English to communicate, learn and improve their English communication skills.
HIU Ping Pong
HIU Ping Pong was established with the purpose of creating a fun and attractive playground for the student community who love table tennis. Coming to HIU Ping Pong, students will be connected with like-minded, passionate friends about this ingenious subject.
HIU EMED - Medical English Club was established by students of Faculty of Medicine on April 23, 2021. It is a playground for medical students who are passionate about English to exchange, learn and help each other improve communication skill.
HIU Vovinam
HIU Vovinam is the shared house for those who love Vovinam - the martial art of the Vietnamese nation. HIU Vovinam will definitely be a place for you to practice health, fitness, defense and also a place to exchange and meet students.