Hong Bang International University (HIU) has 10 faculties, 1 Institute of Education Science and Teacher Training with 49 majors in most of the important fields with high demand of society, in which, Block Health Sciences is considered a spearhead with strong investment in facilities and teaching faculty who are leading professors and doctors in the industry. HIU School Health Sciences includes 7 faculties: Medicine, Odonto - Stomatology, Nursing, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Medical Laboratory, Pharmacy and Midwifery....
Faculty of Medicine is an educational institution to train medical executive at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, scientific research, and technology transfer. The lecturers participating in teaching at the Faculty of Medicine are professors, PhD graduates from abroad, or have experience in teaching in an international environment. Including Nguyen Thanh Duc, M.D., Ph.D. - Former Deputy Director of Hospital 175 - currently Head of Medicine, Dr. Mai Van Thin, who has 40 years of experience in teaching anatomy and practical surgery, Dr. Vu Gia Phong graduated from the University of California, Berkeley - No. 1 Public University in the world (according to US news ranking), a student of Nobel Prize-winning professors; …Teaching Faculty are one of the outstanding features that have contributed to the training quality and reputation of the HIU over the years.
To serve the teaching process and meet the needs of clinical good practice for Health Sciences students, Hong Bang International University will renovate and build a new campus, turning campus II at 120 Hoa Binh Street, Hoa Binh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City becomes a Complex in health training, care, and treatment. Campus II with a new appearance will include Hospital; Hotel – HIU Sulyna and Training Center – HIU University.
With HIU Hospital, campus II will be the most modern center for research and training in the health sector in the country, gradually becoming a leading facility in medical examination and treatment in terms of standards, medical ethics. and apply the latest scientific research in clinical practice in the near future.
Besides facilities, creating the prestige of Hong Bang International University lies in its commitment to ensuring 100% of job opportunities. HIU students enjoy many benefits from HIU's close relationships with local and international partners, hospitals, and public health centers, which are an opportunity for students to be ready enter the real working environment as soon as they graduated.
HIU's current partners are Tu Du Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, 30-4 Hospital, Thong Nhat Hospital, Children's Hospital, An Binh Hospital, Vinmec, Vitoria International Clinic... ensure students can practice and work at hospitals right from the first year of university, as well as be taught directly by outstanding doctors and nurses during their studies.
Especially in 2020, Hong Bang International University signed a cooperation agreement with Hoan My Medical Group to train and develop medical human resources. Students in the Health Sciences of the HIU have the opportunity to practice at hospitals and clinics under the Hoan My system.
In the academic year 2021-2022, Hong Bang International University is expected to have many new majors, focusing on those that are in high demand by society, especially opening 8 new majors in the field of Health Sciences includes Medical Imaging Technology, Dental Health, Nutrition, Child Care, Therapy Activities, Hospital Management, bringing the total number of fields of study in the Health Sciences up to 16 majors, especially in the system of private schools that have trained in fine health up to the present time.

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Studying General Medicine at Hong Bang International University

Study program

The education program is implemented according to the standard program of the Ministry of Education & Training and the Ministry of Health. The program focuses on training professional skills, soft skills and self-development skills so that graduates could have good professional practice outcomes.

Internship Hospital

Students will practice at the university’s functional practice rooms or at hospitals and medical facilities associated with the University such as: Thong Nhat Hospital, Tu Du Hospital, April 30 Hospital, Children's Hospital City. Ho Chi Minh City … and through community practical sessions.

Graduate’s standards

General practitioners with sufficient medical ethics, solid medical knowledge, and clinical and community skills, combiniation of modern medicine with traditional medicine, capability for scientific research, access to scientific achievements for the ultimate goal, which is health care for people.

Job opportunities

Graduates can participate in medical examination and treatment at hospitals, medical institutions; lecturing at medical and pharmaceutical institutions; working at research institutes, health science regulatory bodies as well as international organizations in the health sector.


After graduating from general medicine at Hong Bang International University, new doctors can continue to study and research domestically as well as abroad under higher training programs such as Master, PhD, Resident Doctor, Specialist levels I and II.

Competency standards of General Practitioners (Issued under Decision No. 1854 / QD-BYT dated May 18, 2015 of the Ministry of Health)


Subjects in the training program

General Medicine Doctor Program (Issued under Decision No. 12/2001/QD-BGD & ĐT dated 26th April 2001 by the Ministry of Education and Training)


Medical institutions with training cooperation

Dr. Hoanh Dang Nguyen

Academic Affairs Officer

Assoc. Prof. Thin Van Mai MD., PhD.

Head of Department of Anatomy

Assoc. Prof. Vinh Quang Tran MD., PhD.

Head of Department of Surgery

Doan Cong Tran MD., PhD.

Head of Department

Hau Van Pham MD., PhD.

Head of Department of Public Health

Tuan Nhan Le MD., PhD.

Head of Department of Internal Medicine

Kim Nhat Phuong Huynh PhD.

Head of Department of Biology and Pharmacology

Dr. Gia Phong Vu

Head of Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Parasitology

Thuan Thi Luong MD., PhD.

Head of Nursing and Preclinical

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– Study materials include textbooks, book references, readings and slides of lecturers in the framework of the program.
– Students use school email to view or download brochures.
– Students contact the school library for more references in learning and advanced

Contact to Faculty of Medicine

– Add: 120 Hoa Binh str, Hoa Thanh ward, Tan Phu dist , Ho Chi Minh city

– Phone 028.7308.3456 : Ext 3430

– Mobile: 0903 364 154

– Email: med@hiu.vn

Dean of Faculty of Medicine

Nguyen Thanh Duc, MD. PhD.

– Email: ducnt@hiu.vn

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