School of Mechanics and Technology

At School of Mechanics and Technology, we focus on innovation. Globally recognized, our mechanics and information technology programs are designed to develop disruptive thinkers with the skills, knowledge and strong drive to make a positive difference. extreme in the world.

School of Economics & Business

To meet global standards in business and management training, the School of Economics and Business at Hong Bang International University offers high-quality study programs designed to keep pace with the constantly changing needs of domestic and foreign markets, industries and professions.

The Faculty of Global Languages and Cultures

With the history of more than 20 years of development, the Faculty has become a reliable choice of thousands of students majoring in English Language, Korean Studies, Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, and Vietnamese studies

Faculty of Medicine

School of Medicine develops application-oriented; step by step standardization, modernization, socialization, democratization and international integration; reasonably develop the training scale based on improving the quality of training, scientific research, technology transfer, support for the development of the health system and service provision.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacology is the science of drugs that encompasses the study of drug interactions with biological systems. If in the past, pharmacists only knew about problems related to pills, today pharmacists doing clinical pharmacy work have the role of fully informing and consulting doctors, helping doctors detect errors. in drug use.

Faculty of Odonto – Stomatology

The noble mission of the Faculty of Odonto – Statology, Hong Bang International University is to train doctors with high competence in: acquiring knowledge and critical thinking; communicate effectively; diagnosis, prevention, treatment and maintenance of oral health for individuals and communities; demonstrate professionalism and continuous career development.

School of Nursing

To train Bachelor of Nursing with good moral character, have the right attitude, have basic scientific knowledge, and have professional knowledge and skills at the bachelor’s level to take care of, raise nursing, disease prevention and people’s health rehabilitation, capable of participating in the organization and management of nursing activities, scientific research and self-study to improve their own knowledge and experience.

School of Medical Laboratory

Training bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory testing with medical ethics, solid basic scientific knowledge, skills and specialization at university level, mastery of laboratory techniques in the fields of: Biology, Parasitology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Blood Transfusion, Immunology and Pathology 2, capable of self-study to participate in scientific research to meet the needs of people’s health care and protection.

Faculty of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Build a team of Physiotherapists at undergraduate and postgraduate level with medical ethics and high expertise to provide the best health care and treatment to reduce pain and illness for people. Provide people with treatment methods to develop, maintain and restore maximum function in disease cases during human development.

School of Social sciences & Humanities

The school currently offers 5 undergraduate programs, including International Relations, Multimedia Communications, Psychology, Public Relations, and Event Management.