Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Faculty of Engineering Technolgy at Hong Bang International University (HIU). Our six departments – Information Technology (IT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security, Graphic Design, Architecture, and Film and Television Technology – comprise a broad range of curricular and collaborative approaches across informational and technological programs.

Faculty of Business Economics

The faculty of Business Economics will continue to develop the quality of training, scientific training, and change through the influence of technology. With the vision of a high-quality training program, our faculty thrived on providing students the high-caliber, holistic preparation they will need to become influential leaders in the digitally-driven world.

Faculty of Global Languages and Cultures

With the history of more than 20 years of development, the Faculty has become a reliable choice of thousands of students majoring in English Language, Korean Studies, Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, and Vietnamese studies. The Faculty fosters a dynamic, modern, and multicultural learning environment in which all learners will develop linguistic competence and cultural literacy as invaluable skills to become informed global citizens in this increasingly interconnected world.


Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine develops application-oriented; step by step standardization, modernization, socialization, democratization and international integration; reasonably develop the training scale based on improving the quality of training, scientific research, technology transfer, support for the development of the health system and service provision.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacology is the science of drugs that studies drug interactions with biological systems. The Faculty of HIU Pharmacology offers a clinical pharmacy program for a comprehensive level of doctors consultants, assisting doctors in detecting medication or prescription misuses and drug use.

Faculty of Odonto – Stomatology

The Faculty of HIU Odonto-Stomatology offers a comprehensive education program to prepare the most basic to the highest level of the Odonto-Stomatological program, providing students with many competencies in critical thinking, effective communication, prevention, treatment, and maintenance of public oral health. HIU students will have different opportunities to learn, participate, and diagnose in real case studies. Our department also stimulates students' skills in scientific research, advances their practice level, and fulfills the demands of oral health for the community.

Faculty of Nursing

With the diverging offers from undergraduate to doctoral's degrees, the Faculty of HIU Nursing Science is compassionating to weave community health into our curriculum to instill the responsibility of the nursing profession in HIU students. According to the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, HIU provides the healthcare system to ordinary individuals and vulnerable populations, infants and children, the older adult community, and those with mental health disorders. To incorporate with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, we equipped 05 clinical laboratories in the Nursing and Midwifery departments; practice rooms for other majors such as Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology – Pharmacy, Biochemistry – Biophysics, etc.

Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology

The Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology of HIU offers 07 interdisciplinary: Biology, Parasitology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Blood Transfusion, Immunology, and Pathology II at the mastery level. Students have a chance to improve highly skilled, advanced training quality and drive leverage for future career development. Our mission is training the high-caliber of employment from Bachelor's to Master's level in Biotechnology, improving people's health in the state of a post-pandemic driven world.

Faculty of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

The Faculty of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation has a crew of undergraduate and graduate professors who are competent Physiotherapists and adhere to medical ethics from reputable Universities in Vietnam. As a result, sudents will be able to learn, practice skills, and work on scientific research with modern appliances and equipment meeting international standards.

Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities offers 05 undergraduate majors, including International Relations, Multimedia Communications, Psychology, Public Relations, and Event Management. In 2003, our faculty distributed a separate Faculty called International Relations, developing a comprehensive English academic program. In 2006, the HIU Multimedia major began offering the Undergraduate program within various media platforms: newspaper, e-news, social media, etc. The Vietnamese studies were established in 2012 with 02 academic programs for Bachelor's degrees encompassing Native and Foreign people. In 2021-2022,  to integrate the diverging curriculums, we offered 02 majors in Psychology and Public  Relations to satisfy the community's demand.