English program

Things you need to know

One of the priority points that the International program gives students is that after graduating from schools you will have an IELTS language proficiency of 6.5 or higher. With the English programs, Hong Bang International University (HIU) aims to educate global citizens. And with the knowledge of English language, student can completely transfer to study abroad at HIU affiliated universities in the US, New Zealand, Switzerland … study abroad and graduate. Looking for job opportunities in the host country after graduation. In addition, in the international curriculum, HIU aims to effectively exploit as well as help students access and update the latest scientific knowledge of the world through materials in English. Along with the application of art in lectures and foreign language learning, students can access foreign language learning channels anytime, anywhere with a text teacher to help develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, write. The answer study program is applied according to international standards, creating a competitive advantage to work for students after graduation. Students studying International programs at HIU after graduation, you are confident to interview international, multinational companies and work abroad.

Social science & Humanities


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If you are an outstanding student and wish to pursue your dreams, we encourage you to explore the prospective student scholarship program and apply for the type of scholarship for which you qualify. See details here.

Tuition fee

At HIU, students can choose between the 2020 academic year tuition or the fixed tuition program. Tuition will be paid each semester, based on the number of subjects the student takes in each semester. See details here.