Scholarship at HIU

Every year, HIU awards many scholarships to potential students. Up to now, the university has awarded many scholarships to students from all over Vietnam. They are students with high quality standards that HIU respects and is proud to have. Check out scholarship opportunities and application today – don't be shy, all opportunities are yours

Early enrollment scholarship

Scholarships for candidates who register for admission as early as possible, opportunities for 1,200 candidates, each scholarship is from 2-5 million VND/person.

Entrance valedictorian scholarship

(Only considered for students with matriculation scores according to the results of the high school exam >= 21 points and only 1 student in 1 major) To receive this scholarship, candidates need to have the highest passing score and have a combined score of 3 subjects admission >= 21 points.

Scholarship for students from Nguyễn Hoàng Group

Accordingly, students from ISchool, SNA, SGA, UK Academy (UKA), IEC when applying for admission at Hong Bang International University will receive a 50% discount on the first-year tuition fee.

Outstanding students:

Excellent Student : Receive a scholarship of 100% of the first-year tuition fee, applicable conditions:
Candidates participating in the SAT II ability test organized by HIU have a total score of 25 points in 3 subjects.
Candidates considered by SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) score 1300 or higher.
Contestants won first and second prizes in national and international competitions.
Great Student: Receive a scholarship of 50% of the first-year tuition fee, applicable conditions:
Candidates who participate in the SAT II competency test organized by HIU, have a total score of 3 subjects with 23 points or more.
Candidates who are considered by the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) score of 1000 or more.
Contestants won third and fourth prizes at national and international competitions.