Tuition fee at HIU

The following tuition fees are the 2021 academic year fees that are applicable to students, new entrants, entering the undergraduate and graduate programs at HIU during the year 2021.

Tuition fees are calculated according to the number of credits the student registers for each semester and will be kept stable throughout the entire course of the student.

Average tuition fees for 1 semester are as follows:

Bacherlor Program

  • Dentistry
    • 105.000.000 VND/semester
  • General Medicine
    • 105.000.000 VND/semester
  • Pharmacy
    • 30.000.000 VND/semester
  • Other Courses
    • 27.500.000 VND/semester

English program

  • Dentistry
    • 110.000.000 VND/semester
  • General Medicine
    • 110.000.000 VND/semester
  • Other Courses
    • 42.500.000 VND/semester

International Program

  • Franchise program (4+0)
    • 500.000 VND/semester

Postgraduate program

  • Master of Arts – Laboratory Medicine Technique
    • 30.000.000 VND/semester
  • Master of Arts – Business Management/ Logistics & Supply Chain Management
    • 2000 USD/semester
  • Other courses
    • 28.000.000 VND/semester
  • PhD
    • 44.000.000 VND/semester

Payment method

Student can choose from 2 of the following options:

  • Student can pay tuition fees through the Bank before going to the School for admission procedures.

Account name: Trường Đại học Quốc tế Hồng Bàng

Bank number: 060 102 862 433

Ngân hàng Sacombank – Chi nhánh Sài Gòn – Tp. Hồ Chí Minh

Info: “Name, DOB, application code, tuition fee 2020-2021”

Ex: “LE VY THIEN, 02-06-2001, HIU021400814, tuition fee 2020-2021

2/ Or pay tuition fees directly by cash / bank card at the Department of Finance – Accounting upon arrival at the School to apply for admission.

2nd floor, Ship of Knowledge building, 215 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District, HCMC


– Students check personal information in admission records. If there is any deviation, it must be certified by the competent authority.

– The school reserves the right to refuse the student’s admission if the required documents are incomplete, dishonest, not on time and lack other basic conditions as prescribed.

– Students participating in household health insurance (local), please bring a valid copy of the year 2020 when completing the admission procedure.