Images of practicing at the Hospital, class 2016

Cập nhật lần cuối vào 29/06/2021

After more than three years of studying at the Medical Laboratory faculty of Hong Bang International University, the students have begun to go to hospitals in the city for clinical practice. This is a valuable time for them to learn about the actual working environment after graduation.

The Medical Laboratory faculty have contacted some good quality hospitals in the city to send students to practice, such as Thong Nhat, Nguyen Trai, An Binh, Mekong, 30-4, District 5, STO hospital. Each hospital has its own strengths and specialties that will give students more specific knowledge about the clinical laboratory.

Below is a picture of a hospital practice session of students at STO-Oriental Hospital. Students are guided and perform work as real laboratory staff.

A student is ordering tests for the Cobas e411 machine.

Placing the specimen in the sample tray.

A student is placing samples in the sample tray of the BA400 automatic biochemistry machine.

A student is dipping a urine stick in a patient’s urine bottle.

Placing the urine stick in the machine tray.

A student is performing an anticoagulant test on the STAGO-4 machine.

A student performs blood group identification.

Students can directly draw patient blood.

A student performs blood group identification.

Performing a venous blood draw.

Some pictures of students from other hospitals.

Students practice at the 30-4 hospital

A student practices at Nguyen Trai hospital preparing to draw blood.

Mr. Tai and his students practice at District 5 hospital.

The Medical Laboratory faculty will continue to update the situation of students at other hospitals as soon as possible.

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