Meaningful Exchange between HIU Korean Language & Culture Department Students and Deagu Korean Community Association

Cập nhật lần cuối vào 20/02/2024

On February 20, 2024, the Korean Language & Culture Department at HIU organized a meaningful exchange between the Deagu Korean Community Association and Korean Language & Culture Department students at HIU. The exchange took place in a happy and open atmosphere.

This was a great opportunity for students to meet, exchange, and learn, as well as to practice their Korean language skills and gain a deeper understanding of Korean culture and traditional Korean hanging decoration methods.

The exchange ended successfully, leaving a good impression on both parties.

This is a practical activity that contributes to improving the training quality of the Korean Language & Culture Department and strengthening the cooperative relationship between the Department and the Korean community in Deagu.

Liên hệ chúng tôi ngay: 0938.69.2015 - 0964.239.172