Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


An academic entity departing from the former School of Social Sciences and International Languages at Hong Bang International University, the School of Social Sciences and Humanities proudly inherits its predecessor’s 20-plus-year history of training and research.

The school currently offers 5 undergraduate programs, including International Relations, Multimedia Communications, Psychology, Public Relations, and Event Management. The last three programs are making their debuts in the coming school year of 2021-2022 in respond to the increasing societal needs for higher education. The International Relations Department, having started its courses since 2003, is now running an English-based program together with the regular Vietnamese-based program. Meanwhile, the Department of Multimedia Communications has been since 2006 training students for a variety of professions in print media, broadcast media, social media, and the like.

Our growing full-time faculty includes instructors who are holders of a master’s or a doctoral degree. Their academic backgrounds ranges broadly from communications, journalism, marketing, international politics, diplomacy, and international affairs to world history, human geography, area studies, cultural communication, public relations, psychology, and laws. All of them are graduates from high-profile universities in Vietnam and in such foreign countries as the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Australia, Korea, and Thailand. Their excellence in foreign languages and experiences in multicultural learning environments constitute an asset for assurance of our teaching quality and our students’ comprehensive advancement in knowledge, skills, global thinking, pioneering spirit, and adaptability.


As social sciences and humanities are to perform a steering role for development in the context of intensive globalization and for rapid changes in science and technology, the School of Social Sciences and Humanities aims to become a leading facility for training and research in the southern part of Vietnam as well as in the ASEAN region.


– To train and supply human resources of high quality in the fields of social sciences and humanities for the Southern key economic zone, for the entire nation as well as for Asia. The human resources shall feature global citizenship, dynamism, pioneering, responsibility and adaptability.

– To carry out fundamental or applied research as proactive contribution to Vietnam’s development and international integration. The research shall focus on the impacts of globalization and digitalization on the socio-cultural life, and on the human adaptability to rapid changes in science, technology and society in the context of the 4.0 industrial revolution.

Core values: Integrity – Knowledge – Service

Philosophy of Education: Whole person – Leading – Multiculturalism

Whole person: Inclusive development of learner’s knowledge, skills and personality; connection between learning and practice; combination of academic theory and application.

Pioneering: Liberal, pioneering spirit that serves as a leading for the development of community and of scientific disciplines.

Multiculturalism: Respect for differences, co-existence and co-development in an international and multicultural environment.

Future orientation

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities offers outstanding study programs which meet international standards and provides students the most practical experience. The modern and well-equiped facilities and enthusiastic, knowledgeble and experienced lecturers ensure the best study environment for students. The learner-centered approach and project-based learning method with the combination of academic theory and pratice will help students develop their full potential of qualities and competencies. A wide and tight network with corporates and academic institutions domestically and internationally with the determination of “Bringing students to corporates" and “Bringing corporates to the university" provide students the broad choices in internship and the best employment opportunities. The global mindset and adaptive ability of our students ensure their success in a competitive, international and multicultural working environment.

Full name Position
1 Do Xuan Bien, PhD Dean
2 Nguyen Van San, MA Acting Head of the Department of Multimedia Communications
3 Vu Luyen, MA Acting Head of the Department of International Relations
4 Tran Tuan Dat, MA Lecturer
5  Le Minh Ngoc, MA Lecturer
6 Phan Do Thuy Dung, MA Lecturer
7 Huynh Vu Thach, MA Lecturer
8 Mananya Techalertkamol, MA Lecturer
9 Le Thi Dung, MA Lecturer
10 Nguyen Hanh Tam, MA Lecturer
11 Nguyen Mau Hung, PhD Lecturer
Dean of faculty

Dr. Do Xuan Bien

– Dean

– Email: biendx@hiu.vn


Mr. Pham Lam Minh Cuong

– Secretary
– Email: cuongplm@hiu.vn


– Faculty of Social science & Humanities (15th floor)

  • P.15.10: Office

– Telephone: 028.7308.3456 (ext: 3844)
– Email: khoakhxh-nnqt@nhg.vn
– Website: khxh&nnqt.hiu.vn


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Department of Multimedia Communications

Department of International Relations

Department of Psychology

Department of Public Relations

Programs in English

Department of Event Management

Double degree, double career opportunity

Double degree program is designed for majors in the similar disciplines or in the same field of study. This is to offer students opportunities to obtain 2 full-time university degrees, therefore to maximize their career opportunities.
The outstanding advantage of the dual degree program is that students can transfer their acquired credits of subjects of the first major/degree to the equivalent subjects in their second major. This significantly helps to reduce the number of required credits, saving time as well as study costs because HIU’s students are entitled for a 35% tuition exemption for the second major. With these advantages, students defenitely can obtain two bachelor degrees within a period of 5.5 years.
Currently, students of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities are offered several dual degree programs. Particularly, students of International Relations can attain a second degree majoring in Multimedia Communication, Japanese Studies, and English Language. Students of Multimedia Communication can study a second degree in Graphic Design, Film and Television Technology, and Vietnamese Studies.

Order Major 1 Major 2 Note
1 International Relations Multimedia Communications
Japanese Studies
English Language
2 Multimedia Communications Graphic Design
Film and TV Technology
3 Japanese Studies Vietnamese Studies
Multimedia Communications
International Relations
4 Korean Studies Multimedia Communications
International Relations
5 Film and TV Technology Graphic Design
Fashion Design
Multimedia Communications
6 Infomation Technology Multimedia Communications