School of Health

Things you need to know

Hong Bang International University was established in 1997, after 24 years of establishment and development, HIU is proud to have trained for the Vietnamese and International labor market more than 80,000 human resources are Doctors, Masters, Bachelors, Pharmacists and Technicians. Currently, HIU has 68 training disciplines related to most important fields with high human resource demand, of which, the Health sector is considered a Strategic sector with more than 60% of students studying.

General medicine is a general practitioner training industry, 6 years of training period, equipped with knowledge of disease prevention, healing and health protection for people.

Nursing is an industry in the health sciences, nursing students are trained in the basic principles of health care process, nursing diagnosis, patient care intervention, disease prevention.

The Bachelor of Oral Health is an independent career in the health system that takes on a role in the oral health care of individuals and communities.

Faculty of Odonto – Stomatology is one of the high-quality dental training and research institutions in Vietnam, aiming to be on a par with advanced Dental Training Facilities of Asia.

Medical Testing Engineering. Testing is an essential stage in all processes of caring for and protecting human health from disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, treatment monitoring to disease prognosis.

Rehabilitation Engineering. Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation not only takes care to improve health but also helps people with injuries and illnesses recover better, adapt to the maximum of their current status to improve their quality of life, social reintegration.

Pharmacology is the research science of medicine in two main areas including the processes of studying the relationship between drugs and the body; How to use the drug in the treatment of diseases

Student of Midwives trained in knowledge and skills in the fields of obstetrics, neonatology, social, public health and professional ethics.

Students of Traditional Medicine are fully equipped with knowledge from basic to advanced in traditional medicine including: Traditional pharmacology, Acupuncture, Nursing, Pathology…

The Bachelor of Medical Imaging Engineering not only creates medical images that contribute to the quick and accurate diagnosis of patients, but also ensures maximum radiation safety for patients.

Child care, also known as Pediatric Nursing, is a specialty that requires detailed and meticulous care to meet the different emotional and psycho-physiological levels of children.

In Occupational Therapy refers to the tasks of daily living that each person performs individually, in the family, and in the community so that they participate in the work and provide meaning and purpose. of life.

 Hospital Management is a profession that trains students to manage a healthcare facility (hospital) as effectively as a business.