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Things you need to know

Bachelor's degree at HIU is recognized and appreciated by many domestic and foreign enterprises. You can choose from one of the following (53) majors to make your dreams come true.

You will study an international program with a harmonious combination of theory and practical application. That will help you become confident with your existing experience and be ready for the workplace upon graduation.

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International Relations

Bachelor of International Relations can undertake foreign affairs and international cooperation at agencies, companies, social organizations, NGOs, multinational corporations, joint venture companies., business or work in diplomacy, education, tourism, media.


Bachelor of Multimedia can work as a reporter, editor, reporter, commentator, broadcaster, program producer, presenter, advertiser, event organizer events of domestic and international agencies and units.

English language

Bachelor of English Language has the ability to teach English in Vietnam and the region, work at diplomatic missions, joint ventures, commercial transactions, translation… with English.

Vietnam Study

Vietnamese bachelors studying in both programs, with foreign language skills and knowledge of Vietnamese culture, can continue their studies at the Master's, Doctoral level in Vietnamese studies or other disciplines in Vietnam as well as compete in the competition. scholarships abroad.

Japanese study

Bachelor of Japanese studies can work as a translator/interpreter, or in management, offices at Japanese diplomatic missions, enterprises, joint ventures with foreign countries, foreign agencies.

Korean study

Bachelor of Korean Studies is equipped with in-depth background knowledge about Korean language and culture, ability to participate in the domestic, regional, and global labor market.

Chinese study

Chinese Studies is the study and use of the Chinese language in various fields such as economy, trade, tourism, and diplomacy


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Tuition fee

At HIU, students can choose between the 2020 academic year tuition or the fixed tuition program. Tuition will be paid each semester, based on the number of subjects the student takes in each semester. See details here.