Indian politicians encouraged new perception of the international politics and economics

Cập nhật lần cuối vào 30/03/2023

On March 27th, 2023, Hong Bang International University (HIU) organized a public lecture entitled “A Dynamic Asia in the Changing World," with the participation of a prominent speaker Dr. Ram Madhave Varanasi – Former National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party. Besides, there is the presence of the following consular representatives in Ho Chi Minh City of the following countries: India, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Ho Chi Minh City Department of Foreign Affairs.

The seminar is not only an opportunity for professors, lecturers, and HIU students, especially those who currently major in International Relations, will have a chance to meet and discuss with international statesmen the issues among Asian nations. It is also an occasion to enhance some international activities from HIU.

In the opening remark of the seminar, Vice Chancellor – MA Nguyen Ngoc Tuan shared that this public lecture is a seminar to let scholars and students openly discuss ongoing problems, thereby proposing solutions to promote international relationships and enhance awareness among nations to build a dynamic and developed Asia. Additionally, MA Nguyen Ngoc Tuan added, “At HIU, we regularly organize seminars with famous scholars that provide opportunities for professors, lecturers, and students to have a quality environment and aim at international integration.”

Following the speech of Dr. Ram shared, “India established its relations with Vietnam in 1972, and last year, it marked the 50th anniversary. This bilateral relationship is one of long-lasting relations that India developed, and of course, the deserts of this belong to the Vietnamese leadership. In the 21st century the world order needs to negotiate with the substantive imprint of Asian civilization, whose leading role belongs to long-standing countries like India and Vietnam.”

The public lecture organized in enthusiastic atmosphere when HIU students of International Relations confidently asked questions about diplomatic relations between India and China as well as India’s role in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Sharing on the issue, Dr. Ram Madhav Varanasi said that as India plays a vital role in the economic and political market among Asian countries, the wars in Ukraine and Russia also significantly impact on the relevant countries. However, war is an issue that India has never supported, and the leader will have a policy to balance Russia and Ukraine. A country that adheres to discipline, its people are educated, and the cohesion among nations carries the ideology of wanting to redeem world peace.

MA. Phan Do Thuy Dung, Lecturer at HIU shared her opinion while attending the public lecture, “I am very impressed with Dr. Ram’s quote: One formula for the Asia’s success today – it is a law-abiding global protocols, the role of education and the love of peace of nations in the world. The meeting with international politicians will be a valuable opportunity for lecturers and students to acquire new knowledge of the world, especially the politics-diplomacy and the relationships between the two countries. countries."

With the goal of internationalizing the learning environment, the school regularly organizes international scientific conferences, seminars with famous scholars to meet and discuss with lecturers – school students about social issues, especially during the globalization era. Morever, the University has continuously received a series of international students to enroll at HIU from many parts of the world, such as Russia, India, Honduras, Korea, Japan… Multinationality in the university environment Internationalization helps HIU students have more opportunities and experience and ready to become a civilized citizens for the era of globalization.

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