Overview of Faculty of Odonto Stomatology, International University Hong Bang

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What is Odonto Stomatology about? It trains medical ethics, the basic professional knowledge and skills in medicine and dentistry to identify and participate in solving problems in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral and dental diseases for individuals and communities. It also stimulates students to improve scientific research capacity, self-study to upgrade their qualifications and meet human needs and take care of teeth and deal with oral health.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong, Medical Doctor, Dean of Faculty of Odonto Stomatology, Hong Bang International University (in white), wishes to help her students integrate into the world.

What are the majors?

  1. Basic dentistry (for example: shapes of teeth, how many legs each tooth has)
  2. Tooth imaging for diagnosis (filming to see if there are any cavities in teeth)
  3. Oral pathology (whether ulcers, swollen masses in the mouth are cancerous)
  4. Oral surgery (surgery, tooth extraction)
  5. Jaw surgery (palate cleft surgery, tumor)
  6. Dental implants
  7. Orthodontics (braces)
  8. Children’s Dentistry (treating children’s diseases)
  9. Public dentistry (oral intervention at a larger level: communities)
  10. 10. Periodontal (taking tartar, treating loose teeth …)
  11. Dental treatment – Endodontic (filling – root canal)
  12. Restoration of teeth (making porcelain teeth, making removable dentures)

What are the interesting subjects?

In addition to the subjects of 12 majors, there are other interesting subjects such as Basic Integrated Clinical Cases, International Dental Overview, Creative Thinking in Health Science. The optional modules include: Scientific Research, Pathology – Oral and Facial Surgery, Rehabilitation Dentistry, Preventivion and Development Dentistry …

After graduating, Doctors of Odonto Stomatology can provide examination and treatment, lecture, make scientific research and do medical management

What percentage of practice credits?

Nearly 40%

What will you do after graduation?

Doctors of Odonto Stomatology can provide examination and treatment, lecture, make scientific research and do medical management, are qualified for the following positions:

Public and non-public health institutions

Medical woker training institutions

Research centers

Medical regulatory agencies

What are career promotion opportunities?

After graduating, the students can continue to study and research at higher levels in Vietnam and abroad:

  1. Resident Doctor
  2. Specialist
  3. Master Degree
  4. PhD
  5. Related disciplines

Minimum salary after graduation?

From 1000USD or more

Is it possible to continue with MA in Vietnam or abroad?

During their study, the students can interact with teams of foreign lecturers and researchers (Japan, Korea, Canada, and Thailand). Therefore, they can network and find opportunities for overseas postgraduate (such degrees as Master, PhD). In addition, after graduation, the students can also have opportunities to study for a Master’s degree at universities with Odonto Stomatology in Vietnam.

– Training length: 6 years

This is Hong Bang International University’s unique selling point mentioned in the subject “Overview of the Faculty of Odonto Stomatology “. Students have early access to the work of dentistry with different subjects. Right from the first year, the students are to get practice times at Ho Chi Minh City Dental Hospital, Worldwide Dental Laboratory, Viet Quoc Dental Laboratory …

Clinically, with the K17 course, the students will get internship from year 5 at the Ho Chi Minh City Odonto Stomatology Hospital, the Central Odonto Stomatology Hospital. With the K18 course onwards, the students will get internship from year 4 at Ho Chi Minh City Odonto Stomatology Hospital.

How much does a credit cost?

About 3900 USD per semester for the Vietnamese language integration program

About 4700 USD per semester for the English language international program..

What are the excellences of HIU’s training program?

The HIU Odonto Stomatology Doctor training program has many advantages to help students soon know their path to becoming an Odonto Stomatology Doctor right from the moment they enter the school through the subject “Overview of the Odonto Stomatology industry". This will bring students into the world of dentistry, help to seed their ideas, dreams, and ambitions.

Sector leading lecturers::

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong, Medical Dr, specialized in Oral Pathology – Oncology

BSCKII. Lâm Hữu Đức (Chuyên ngành nha khoa công cộng)

Prof.Dr. People’s Teacher Hoang Tu Hung, leading lecturer in Vietnam’s dentistry

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Lam Hoai Phuong, Medical Dr, specialized in jaw and facial surgery)

Dr. and Medical Dr. Vo Van Nhan, specialized in dental implants

Number of Associate Professors, holders of MA, PhD: 1 Professor, 3 Associate Professors, 2 PhD, 2 level-two medical doctors, 11 MSc

HIU’s Odonto Stomatology Faculty lecturing team include leading experts, reputable and experienced in both lecturing and clinical practice.

Why should you choose HIU’s Odonto Stomatology?

Practicing specialized skills at major hospitals in Vietnam.

Regularly getting trained in specialized English.

Studying abroad and joining short-term courses at international training institutions affiliated with HIU.

Improving soft skills such as communications, leadership, teamwork, and creativity through innovative, engaging and essential programs.

You will have the opportunity to become a good dentist in the future.

Lecturing team:

Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Thi Hong, Medical Dr., who wishes to bring HIU students to the world

Assoc.Prof. Lam Hoai Phuong, Medical Dr.“Golden Hand" in mouth and face surgery

Medical Dr. Vo Van Nhan, PhD, implant specialist, who brings Vietnam’s dentistry to the world

Practice premises

The pre-clinical area with modern clinical simulation system helps students practice well before starting clinical treatments, with separate laboratories for each subject such as dental treatment, endodontics, prostheses, implants, dental surgery …

Disciplines of strengths

Bệnh học miệng/Ung thư hàm mặt (PGS. TS. Nguyễn Thị Hồng), Phẫu thuật miệng và hàm mặt (PGS. TS. Lâm Hoài Phương), Cấy ghép nha khoa (TS. BS. Võ Văn Nhân)

2. Disciplines of strengths

What are the extracurricular activities for students?

Rèn luyện tiếng anh, rèn luyện kĩ năng mềm, thể thao, thiện nguyện, hiểu biết thêm về văn hóa Nhật Hàn.

Ngành/Khoa có những câu lạc bộ, đội nhóm nào không?

Các câu lạc bộ đa dạng như CLB DEC (Dental English club – CLB tiếng anh), DIC (Dental Integrated club – CLB hội nhập), đá bóng, cầu lông, Thiện nguyện, CLB Nhật-Hàn,…

Các Sự kiện/Lễ hội truyền thống đặc trưng của các khoa/ngành là gì?

Lễ chào đón Tân sinh viên, Lễ kết nghĩa năm 2 và năm 1

Cơ hội du học nước ngoài gồm các chương trình sau:

  • International Dental Course (IDC, hay gọi tắt là 1-4-1): với 4 năm giữa du học ở ĐH Hiroshima Nhật Bản.
  • Short-term 6-Month Stay (SS6M): du học ngắn hạn 6 tháng tại ĐH Hiroshima Nhật Bản
  • Du học ngắn hạn 2 tuần tại ĐH Hankook, Hàn Quốc, UBC Canada, Griffith Úc

Cơ hội việc làm và học sau đại học:

  • Khả năng tiếp tục học Thạc sĩ, Tiến sĩ tại Nhật Bản, Hàn Quốc…
  • Khả năng tiếng anh tốt do được chú trọng trong chương trình

Chương trình “Em là nha sĩ”: cho phép học sinh trải nghiệm công việc thường ngày của nha sĩ

Dự án “Truyền thông Răng Hàm Mặt Cộng Đồng”: các hoạt động dịch thuật, làm video, poster, webminar về sức khỏe răng miệng hướng đến cộng đồng của đội ngũ giảng viên và sinh viên Khoa với sự hợp tác của Tổ chức Y học Cộng đồng

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