School of Economics, Business and Law

Things you need to know

Bachelor’s degree at HIU is recognized and appreciated by many domestic and foreign enterprises. You can choose from one of the following (56) majors to make your dreams come true.

You will study an international program with a harmonious combination of theory and practical application. That will help you become confident with your existing experience and be ready for the workplace upon graduation.

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Banking & Finance

Finance – Banking is a broad discipline that deals with all services of financial transactions, circulation and operation of money.

Business Admistration

Business Administration is an in-depth study of business management, international business, marketing, human resource organization, logistics and supply chain management, etc., which is very suitable for students with a passion for business, who want to do business. become a CEO.


Working at auditing companies, financial – credit institutions, banks, State management agencies, non-business units from central to local levels and foreign enterprises.


As businesses grow, the need for independent and internal audits increases. As far as cross-border investment and markets are opened, audits will expand there.

Hospitality Management

Hotel administration is the management and organization of hotel activities in an efficient and reasonable manner, including the planning of financial statements, setting up rules in the process of managing each part of the hotel. hotels from reception, rooms to food, events.


Tourism and Travel Service Management is a discipline that includes the process of managing and operating tourism. This is considered the most potential “smokeless industry" of the century in the trend of globalization.

Digital Marketing

The era of Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly developing, businesses tend to switch from traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing. Therefore, the demand for this human resource is increasing.


The program builds approach to practice. In the training program, there are many subjects of vocational skills and professional practice, ensuring that students can practice their careers even without receiving their diplomas.

Economic Law

HIU’s bachelor’s degree program in Economic Law trains students with sufficient knowledge and skills to specialize in economic law, professional ethics, and the ability to conduct scientific research, presentation, presentation, and reflection. speak and use English for the international working environment.


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Tuition fee

At HIU, students can choose between the 2020 academic year tuition or the fixed tuition program. Tuition will be paid each semester, based on the number of subjects the student takes in each semester. See details here.