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With the development of modern society, human’s physical health is inextricably linked with mental health. Due to the high pressures of modern life, more and more people are experiencing mental health problems which are so popular among us such as anxiety disorders, stress, and depression. Psychology; therefore, is one of the most important study field with significant development. The key research targets of psychology are human behaviors, their emotions, and perception. In 2020, the government promulgated the title of Psychologist in the list of Vietnamese occupations, which marks a big move for psychological career development and forecasts increasing demand of the society for Psychology.

Updating that trend, Hong Bang International University (HIU) has decided to open a major in Psychology from 2021 academic year


Hong Bang International University is a university following international standards. We are constantly improving the quality of training quality to integrate with the global trend. HIU offers a diverse curriculum, updated knowledge in terms of application-oriented psychology; psychological practice methods in counseling – therapy; research; human resource management in business, as well as in other aspects of society.

Studying Psychology at HIU, students will develop their core competencies such as how to take care of their mental health, how to reduce stress, enhance memory, how to enhance their well beings, how to have a healthier life. Besides, students are equipped with knowledge and skills in communication, information assessment, consultation, conflict management skills, and decision making skills, etc. in order to meet the high demands of future professional markets. Undergraduates also have numerous opportunities to experience practical careers at hospitals, psychotherapy counseling centers, businesses, and schools. Students will be equipped with diverse knowledge and skills to adapt to specific settings and work efficiently with individuals or groups of clients.

With adequate and thoughtful preparation of resources for training, research, practice, and new breakthroughs in training curriculum. Hong Bang International University is a prestigious university providing high quality human resources in psychology for the labor market.


Not only helps learners acquire psychological knowledge and understand more about themselves and people around, Psychology also offers open career opportunities:

– Psychological counseling, career counseling and solving problems related to school relationships at secondary schools and high schools.

– Being therapists in medical centers, hospitals, mental health centers, nursing centers, HIV-infected patients' treatment centers, detoxification centers and reformatory schools of the Ministry of Public Security

– Being consultant on human resource issues, labor organization in companies or enterprises.

– Doing research, consulting, and taking care of customers in labor organizations of companies.

– Working in non-governmental organizations related to community healthcare projects.

– Working in districts, wards and communes related to the women's union, youth, children, national population and family development board.

– Teaching at colleges and universities.

Future orientation

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities offers outstanding study programs which meet international standards and provides students the most practical experience. The modern and well-equiped facilities and enthusiastic, knowledgeble and experienced lecturers ensure the best study environment for students. The learner-centered approach and project-based learning method with the combination of academic theory and pratice will help students develop their full potential of qualities and competencies. A wide and tight network with corporates and academic institutions domestically and internationally with the determination of “Bringing students to corporates" and “Bringing corporates to the university" provide students the broad choices in internship and the best employment opportunities. The global mindset and adaptive ability of our students ensure their success in a competitive, international and multicultural working environment.

Full name Position
1 Đỗ Xuân Biên,PhD Lecturer
2 Lê Thị Dung, MA Lecturer
3 Phan Đỗ Thùy Dung, MA Lecturer
4 Trần Tuấn Đạt, MA Lecturer


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