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Hong Bang International University (HIU) and Arden University (UK) Sign Cooperation Agreement

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– Busan ​​University of Foreign Studies (BUFS)
– Konkuk University
– Seoul Women's University
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– Chungbuk National University
– Hiroshima University
– Chodang University

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– Busan ​​University of Foreign Studies ( 10-14 days )
– Dankook University

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IIEE is HIU's pioneer in training innovation, developing programs according to international standards and is taught 100% in English. The international working and academic environment is friendly, cooperative and develops together.


Creating 5H (Head-Heart-Health-Hand-Human) global citizens, perfect human resources for the 4.0 revolution


16 quality training programs, multi-industry, many fields from Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Business Management to International Relations. Accompanied by a team of lecturers and experts with leading domestic and international experience. Connect with prestigious international schools and deeply connect with businesses, ensuring global job opportunities.

Living and studying at an international university in vibrant Vietnam, you will have the opportunity to explore a unique country with a long history, many new things and fast-paced development. At HIU, students are encouraged to think with a global perspective, whether that be through a study abroad experience or simply interacting with international students right at the institution you study at. No one can deny that the world is changing and becoming more internationalized, so don't miss the opportunity to “keep pace" with the world.

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