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Facilities Department has the function of advising the Board of Directors on the management of facilities, investment management, building facilities to meet the development requirements of the University. Purchasing, receiving, liquidating and monitoring the effective use of assets and equipment of the University, in order to serve the teaching, learning, research, working and other activities of the University. School.


  1. Exploiting and effectively using existing facilities.
  1. Ensure working rooms, computers and other conditions for staff, lecturers and students.
  1. Ensure the learning and entertainment needs of students.
  1. Construction of new laboratories and facilities.
  1. Maintenance and warranty existing facilities.
  1. Ensure practice, experiment.
  1. Implementation of infrastructure investment projects.
  1. Perform other tasks under the direction of the Board of Directors.


  • Working time: Monday to Friday
    8:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00
  • 028 7308 3456 (Ext: 3433)

Visit us

Ship of Knowledge Building 215 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District, HCM City

Dam Sen campus 120 Hoa Binh, Hoa Thanh ward, Tan Phu district, HCM city

Ho Chi Minh City campuses

Hong Bang International University has 2 campuses with a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated managers and lecturers, and a training program towards international standards.

Ship of Knowledge Building

Dam Sen campus


Modern facilities, fully equipped, designed and built 25 floors named Ship of Knowledge

Hội trường Beethoven
Khu ẩm thực Food Court
Mozart music hall
Phòng Golf 3D
Thư Viện HIU
Hệ thống phòng máy
Phòng Gym HIU
Khu phức hợp Sulyna Hotel
Giảng đường hiện đại
Phòng thí nghiệm


Ms. Chau Thi Ngoc Hoa

Vice-deputy of Department of Facility

Email: hoactn@hiu.vn

Mr. Nguyen Cong Chinh

Dam Sen campus manager

Email: chinhnc@hiu.vn

Chuyên viên

Full name Posistion Email
Nguyễn Nhan Nhựt Linh Executive linhnnn@hiu.vn
Lương Trần Kiều Vân Executive vanltk@hiu.vn
Phạm Thị Kiên Executive kienpt@hiu.vn
Thái Bá Kiệm Executive kiemtb@hiu.vn
Lữ Phan Vĩnh Toàn Technician toanlpv@hiu.vn
Trần Trọng Hiếu Technician hieutt@hiu.vn
Lê Ngọc Thịnh Technician thinhln@hiu.vn
Full Name Position Email
Phạm Đăng Phương Thạnh Technician thanhpdp@hiu.vn
Lê Hiển Vinh Technician vinhlh@hiu.vn
Bùi Xuân Huy Technician huybx@hiu.vn
Đặng Đức Trung Technician trungdd@hiu.vn
Trần Ngọc Hưng Technician hungtn@hiu.vn
Nghiêm Đình Sáng Technician sangnd@hiu.vn
Phí Ngọc Sơn Technician sonpn@hiu.vn

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- Property procurement process

- Process of allocating materials and equipment

- Equipment maintenance and repair procedures

- Process of handing over, transferring and liquidating assets

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