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I. Introduction

Chinese Studies is one of the earliest majors of Hong Bang International University. With the mission of training translators and Chinese researchers with professional competence, good moral qualities, worthy of being good diplomats, serving as a bridge for the friendship between Vietnam and Vietnam. Middle.

One of the important factors for success is that the industry has an international standard training program. To obtain a bachelor's degree in Chinese studies, students must complete 135 credits for majors and 30 credits for general English. With this training program accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training, students majoring in Chinese studies can travel around the world with both Chinese and English languages ​​upon graduation.

Hong Bang International University is always interested in foreign affairs in education and training. Every year, the University has signed many training cooperation agreements, signed MOUs between Hong Bang International University and leading universities in the world in many training fields such as: Economics, Automation, Biology. Environmental Studies, Medicine, International Languages

II. Education program

Students of the Chinese Studies major will be trained according to a program consisting of two basic knowledge blocks: Chinese knowledge and specialized knowledge of Chinese studies. There is also a rich system of electives associated with students' work practices upon graduation.

The Chinese language block has a systematic training program from Beginner to Advanced.

Specialized knowledge block: students are fully trained in knowledge such as Chinese history, economy, and culture.

Right from the first year, students of the industry have studied with native speakers in the subjects of Speech, Phonetics, Grammar, Culture…. In the third semester, the students go to class to listen to lectures 100% in Chinese.

In addition, students will be able to do internships before graduation at enterprises and joint venture companies with foreign countries to familiarize themselves with the translation work in the future.

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Future Orientation

Our programs have many outstanding advantages for you to get the best education. You will study with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors. You will expand your knowledge through a project-based learning approach that combines theory and practice. You will also benefit from the discipline's close relationships with local and international business partners. In addition, the internship program will be an opportunity to help you be ready to enter the real working environment right after graduation.

The Academic Advisory Board of the Department of Chinese Studies are lecturers with a lot of experience and enthusiasm for teaching. Instructors will provide academic advice, career orientation and good learning steps for students to improve. Let's meet with the Academic Advisory Board.

Meet our lecturer at Chinese studies

  Full name Position
1 MrS Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Thanh

Deputy of the Chinese studies department

2 Mr. Đỗ Khắc Tính Lecturer
3 Mr. Đặng Duy Luận Lecturer
4 Mr. Trương Kỳ Tâm Lecturer
5 Mr. Trương Tư Triển Lecturer
6 MrS. Zang Ge Fei Lecturer

Major code: 7310612

  1. Introduction of the discipline

Chinese Studies is the study and use of the Chinese language in various fields such as economy, commerce, tourism, and diplomacy. The training program in Chinese studies trains human resources of international quality on the basis of reference to the training programs of Beijing Language and Culture University (China), Wenzao University of Foreign Languages ​​(Taiwan).

  1. Training goals

– Bachelor of Chinese Studies has knowledge of Chinese culture and society and can fluently use Chinese (HSK 6), one of the languages ​​with the largest number of speakers in the world in communication, translation/interpretation, teaching and research;

In addition, Chinese studies bachelors also have an English level of IELTS 5.5.

  1. Career opportunity after graduation

– Bachelor of Chinese studies can work as translators/interpreters, administrative staff, office clerks at diplomatic missions, foreign affairs departments, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong businesses; acting as guides and interpreters for travel agencies; teaching Chinese;

– Bachelors of Chinese studies can continue to improve their professional qualifications and receive Masters and PhD scholarships in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in different majors.

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