Graduation exams of first degree specialist – K1

Cập nhật lần cuối vào 29/06/2021

On July 31, 2020, after studying and practicing at major hospitals in the city, the students of the 1st-degree specialist class of the Medical Laboratory Faculty – Hong Bang International University entered the final practical graduation exam.

The exam is held all day and is divided into 2 sessions so that the students are not pressured in terms of time and get the best mental and physical preparation.

In the morning, the students conducted a practical exam of 3 combined subjects: Microbiology – Parasitology – Hematology. In the afternoon of the same day, the students will take a practical exam of Biochemistry.

To ensure the exam goes as planned, the lecturers of the Medical Laboratory Faculty prepared for 1 week before the exam and came very early to complete the final stages for the exam.

The instructors of the Department of Biochemistry prepare practical tools.

Lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry measured the control sample.

After the preparation process, the students started the morning exam with 3 topics: Microbiology, Hematology, and Parasitology.

Students are taking a practical exam in Microbiology.
Students are reading the results of microbiological identification.
Students are reading the hematology lame.
Students are taking the Hematology practical exam.

In the afternoon, the students took the Biochemistry exam. The students were divided into 2 small exams, each exam lasted for 75 minutes.

Students are focused on the exam room, listening to directions on how to take the exam and the rules in the exam room.

Students conduct the assessment under the supervision and grading of the lecturer.

At the end of the final practical exam of Biochemistry, which is also the last subject, the students felt satisfied with the exam. They continued to prepare for the general theory final exam. Good luck with your next exams.

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