HIU pharmacy students practice making preparations from medicinal herbs

Cập nhật lần cuối vào 23/05/2021

According to MSc. Pharmacist Ly Hong Huong Ha, Deputy Head of the Department of Medicinal Materials and Plants, Hong Bang International University, these are practical activities to help students have more creative interest in learning, more love I am interested in Pharmacy, inspiring and enthusiastic students when applying the knowledge in pharmacy learned in class and applying it to practice.

Thereby evoking the passions of students in learning and research, through their own hands, they can make preparations from medicinal herbs to serve beauty, anti-oxidant, detox the body, health care….

“Along with these practical activities, we want to inspire students to make them more interested in the pharmaceutical industry, have more passion and enthusiasm for their chosen industry, reduce pressure and stress. straight in learning, linking theory and practice, orienting work upon graduation, using learned knowledge to take care of health, beautify yourself, your family and everyone," MSc .DS Huong Ha shared.

MSc.DS Huong Ha added that the use of drugs or cosmetics, functional foods from medicinal herbs and herbs is the current trend in Vietnam as well as in other countries around the world. With the theory learned methodically in class combined with practice, it will help pharmacy students have more confidence when choosing to prepare the most effective products as well as consulting on how to use them. precisely as a pharmacist in the future.

Products made by students of the Faculty of Pharmacy with the advice of lecturers of the Department of Medicinal Materials – Plants such as grapefruit, melaleuca and mint essential oils. Many shampoo products smoothing hair, anti-dandruff from locust, basil, grapefruit peel, mint, lemongrass as well as hair spray products.

In addition, students of the Faculty of Pharmacy also prepare teas to support disease treatment: flower tea, lettuce tea, guava leaf tea, chrysanthemum tea, body detox tea, heat-clearing tea – beautifying the skin…; Butterfly pea flower syrup, hibiscus syrup both beautify the skin and anti-oxidant

In addition, the students from the Youth Union of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hong Bang International University, were also instructed to make flashcards on medicinal awareness. This is considered as a miniature textbook of the practical subject of pharmacy 2. This helps students to update and remember the images of medicinal plants, the main characteristics of identifying medicinal plants, and the scientific names of medicinal plants. , distinguishing and preventing confusion of medicinal herbs, their main effects and uses; accompanied by pictures of preparations about these medicinal herbs circulating on the market today.

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