Ass Prof. Mai Van Thin

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Ass Prof. Mai Văn Thìn

1.1. Official Information

Unit: Faculty of Medicine, Hong Bang International University

Address: 120 Hoa Binh Street, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

Position: Lecturer


1.2. Responsible Subjects



1.3. Education

– Associate Professor of Medicine. State Council of Professors 2007

– Ph.D. of Medicine – Physical morphology of some ethnic minorities in the Tay Nguyen, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City (1987-1991).

– Master of Medicine (Surgery) – Diagnosis and treatment of acute intussusception at Dak Lak General Hospital (1985-1995), University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City (1994-1996)

– Doctor, Hanoi Medical University (1973-1979)

2.1. Working Experience

– 2019 – present: Head of Department of Anatomy – Embryology Hong Bang International University

2015 – 2018: Vice President – Head of Faculty of Medicine, Buon Ma Thuot University (private university of medicine and pharmacy)

2010 – 2015: Senior Specialist at the Representative Office of the Ministry of Education and Training in Ho Chi Minh City – No. 3 Turtle Lake – Pham Ngoc Thach Street

1979 – 2010: Vice President of Tay Nguyen University – Head of Faculty of Medicine concurrently with the Director of Tay Nguyen University Hospital (2001-2010)

2.2. Research Experience

– Thesis of Ph.D. of Medicine (Anatomy). Thesis of Master of Medicine (General Surgery)

– Chaired 05 ministerial-level projects: (including 01 key topic)

– Chaired 03 Provincial level projects

– Chaired more than 10 university-level topics

– Participated in the State-level project on “Biological characteristics of Vietnamese people"

– Member of the Netherlands – Vietnam Project of 08 Vietnamese Medical Schools on “Strengthening Teaching Capacity in Vietnamese Medical Universities” and Reproductive Health Project.

2.3. Teaching Experience

Undergraduate: Anatomy, Surgery.

  1. Science Publication (NAME OF NEWS, MAGAZINE IN ENGLISH)

3.1. International magazines:

3.2 Domestic magazines:

3.2.1. Mai Văn Thìn. Contributing to the study of morphological and physical characteristics of people in the Central Highlands 18-25 years old. 1988. Journal of Science and Technology of Tay Nguyen University 1991,3,1:11-25.

3.2.2. Mai Văn Thìn. Contributing to the study of anthropological characteristics of the Central Highlands people aged 18-40 years old.1990. Journal of Science and Technology of Tay Nguyen University. 1992.3.1:26-40.

3.2.3. Mai Văn Thìn. Physical status of children of some ethnic minorities and Kinh aged 1 – 6 living in the Central Highlands.1995. Ministry level works Coded No B93. Accepted 09.14. 1996.

3.2.4. Mai Văn Thìn. Thickness of subcutaneous fat layer of Ede and Kinh children in DuKmanh Đắk Lắk from 1-3 years old.1996. Provincial level works. Journal of Practice Medicine. Ministry of Health.1996. Thematic number,12: 184-187

3.2.5. Mai Văn Thìn. The physical status of the 3 ethnic minorities and Kinh in the Central Highlands are from 7 to 12 years old.1996. Journal of Practice Medicine. Ministry of Health.1996. Thematic number.6,12: 187-194.

3.2.6. Mai Văn Thìn. Some biological parameters of ordinary people in the Central Highlands and southern regions. 1998. Project of Ministerial level, Accepted in 1998. (Joining)

3.2.7. Mai Văn Thìn. Some public health problems in Buon Don, Buon Tri, Krong Ana commune, Buon Don district. Provincial level works. Acceptance on October 28, 1999.

3.2.8. Mai Văn Thìn. Evaluation of obesity status of Ede, Mo Nong, and Kinh children aged 1-6 years old in Dak Lak through the thickness of subcutaneous fat. Ministry level works. Coded No B98.30-11. Acceptance on June 15, 2000.

3.2.9. Mai Văn Thìn. Survey, investigate the current status of human resources and some solutions for staff planning, in order to meet the requirements of socio-economic development

in Cu Jut district – Dak Lak. 2002. Key Ministerial-level works. Coded No. B200030-20 Key. Acceptance on 04-08-2002.

3.2.10. Mai Văn Thìn. The situation of lack of energy on a regular basis among high school pupils in Dak Lak. 2005. Ministerial level works. Coded No B200330-14. Acceptance on 19-09-2005.

3.2.11. Mai Văn Thìn. Physical status and some common diseases of the elderly in Ban Me Thuot City – Dak Lak.2009. Ministerial-level works. Acceptance on 19-09-2005. Coded No B2007 30-10.

                                                                                                                         14 November 2021

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Ass Prof. Mai Văn Thìn

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