Enrollment at HIU

This site is intended for students preparing to graduate from a local high school, and students with an international degree who are planning to study full-time at HIU.

If you are studying at a Vietnamese university and want to transfer your program to HIU, please contact the Admissions Department to find out the possibility of transferring credits to a new program at HIU.

Choose your major

Condition check

Prepare your documents

Submit your documents

Enrollment at HIU

1/ Choose your major

The first step to joining HIU is finding the right major for you. The website of each major at HIU has full information including career opportunities, admission requirements and tuition fees. Look for a bachelor’s program that interests you.

2/ Condition check

If you are applying for a bachelor’s program, please refer to the admission requirements on the website of each specific discipline.

If you are applying for an international English program, please refer to the admission requirements at the website of each specific subject.

If you are applying for an on-site study abroad program, please refer to the admissions requirements on the website of each specific discipline, or you may consider joining an international affiliate program at HIU.

3/ Prepare your documents

To avoid delaying the admissions process, please submit a complete application with all required documents.

You need to fill out an application form and prepare a set of registration documents. Please download the Admission Procedure Guide to ensure that you have attached all the necessary documents to complete the application.

Please note that submitted documents are non-refundable.

4/ Submit application

Submit by email

Download and fill out the admission application form.

Scan and attach the required documents and additional documents (if any) to the email.

Send resume to: Tuyensinh@hiu.vn

 Apply directly at the university

You can apply directly to the Admissions Department at HIU and submit the application form and required documents at the school.

 Submit by post

If you are unable to submit your application in person at HIU, you can send your application and documents by postal service.

Submit registration documents to the following title and address:

Hong Bang International University

Hong Bang International University Admissions Office

215 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Application for admission – [Full name]+ [Mobile phone number]

Liên hệ chúng tôi ngay: 0938.69.2015 - 0964.239.172